Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Bells

The wedding bells are beginning to ring. We're knee deep in planning right now. Since I last updated the plans, we've met with the florist and ordered the flowers, designed the bridesmaid dresses and are having them made as we speak, the cake has been decided upon and will be ordered soon, and tomorrow, we're meeting with a photographer to look at her work and get a quote. (think cheap thoughts on this one. Trust me, we need it)
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Shill and Company said...

Having a hard time reading this post as I am listening to, "Groove is in the heart." Yuck, what on earth Brandi? haha

I can't believe you are planning a wedding. I thought about you guys today. I am having a hard time with Hannah being a 6th grader today. My baby is almost a teenager. As I was blogging about my thoughts on that, you & Jason came to mind & I thought about how your baby is getting married. It's been so fun to watch her grow up. She is such a terrific girl. She has made so many good decisions, and I am thrilled that she has chosen such a good guy to marry. It's fun to hear about the wedding plans. Keep giving updates. You guys are awesome! hugs