Monday, November 17, 2008

Up on the Rooftop!

Loo's last performance for Fiddler on The Roof is tomorrow. Although I'm glad there will be no more pyscho schedules for a while, I'm sure there will be some sense of let-down here. The play has been Loo's life for the past 2 1/2 months!

I think they put on a great production! I have already seen the show twice, and plan to see it Tuesday night as well. You can't imagine how proud it makes a parent feel when you see your child succeed at something they have been working their butt off for! It sounds stupid, but I have the hardest time not crying when I see them nail a scene!

Kudos!! To everyone involved in the show!

Tickets can be bought ahead of time (for Fiddler) if I have notice before tonight is over. Otherwise, you can just buy them at the door.

Sue's performances for Oklahoma begin on Thursday. I can't wait for that one either! There is still time to get tickets if anyone is interested.

My friend Janeene and her hubby Chris took these pictures. They are both amazing photographers! Thanks so much for doing that guys!
Another thing I need to do is thank Janeen's sister! Talk about the kindness of strangers! She lent me her camera because I forgot mine at home. then she let me take her camera home and download the pics onto my computer. You totally rock! Thanks again.


Lexie said...

WOW! In that last pic I look

Mike and Dee said...

How fun! I hope my kids want to perform one day! I bet you are proud!

Shill and Company said...

Those pictures are so great! I can't tell you enough how sad I am that we weren't able to come out and see the girls perform. Why couldn't it have been this week?

So glad to hear that things went so well. Brandi, I can totally see how you would become emotional seeing your beautiful daughters up on stage doing so well. I cried once while filming Hannah doing a solo on stage at a Christmas festival.