Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cuff 'em!

I'm a bit frustrated today!

My oldest had her Sadie's dance yesterday. Poor girl! Hardly anything went right for them. They started out at 6am to get breakfast. That went right. Yeah! Then everyone went to play practice. (not sure why any of the kids even leave school Mon-Sat. They should just set up cots.) After play practice they picked the guys up again and attempted to go to Some Dude's Playground. The girls were prepared. They got a map from google the night before telling them how to get there. Well, I'm not exactly sure what went on, but I guess the place moved and they drove around for an hour and a half trying to find it! In the end, they went bowling instead.

After, the girls all went back to their houses to get ready for the dance. They decided to go to Wingers for dinner. "Sue" found a hair in her food, so she didn't eat anything after she found it. The service was terrible. They kept running out of drink, and the server was put-out to have to bring them some. The food was cold and gross. And, last but not least, Cassie threw up in the bathroom there.

After dinner, they went to the dance. All was going well, but as the last song of the night was getting ready to start, my kid set her purse down on a bench. When the song was over, there was no purse.

The worst thing for my oldest was that she had taken the van. Which meant she had MY keys. Which means she also had the Scion key, and the house key, and my copy key. I should note that my oldest has NEVER taken the van alone. The moment she got her license, she started driving her own car. So she already felt somewhat nervous about having the van in the first place. Oh, and some idiot almost hit her in the van that morning at play practice.

Also inside her purse was her digital camera, her cell phone, her wallet, her ATM card, her money, Cassie's wallet, Cassie's money, and a signed blank check that Cassie's mom gave her so she could buy pictures. Scary.

We have tried to cancel her ATM card, but they said the bank said they can't do it till Monday (WTF) We tried to put a hold on the cell phone, can't do that till today. (I'm sure Jas is doing that now) We are going to go buy a new front door lock today.

I freaking HATE people who steal!

What are they going to do with her driver's license? What about her phone? It's kind of a piece of junk. It's been dropped in the toilet, but a new one is a couple hundred dollars without a new contract! And the Scion key! I bet that's a $200 key! It has the remote and key in one! It's not like I can take Jason's down to Walley World and have them make us a new one! The van key is the one that has the chip in it for valet parking and stuff. My remote was on the key chain too. And what about her camera and all her pictures? Are now that they have my keys (and they know our address because it's on the drivers license) are they going to try to come steal our cars? The money she had in there is the least of what we are concerned about!

And who in the hell did the kids who steal learn their values from? I hate people who steal! I can't stand that they can take something with no thoughts about what that might do to the person they took it from! We can't afford to go replace all those keys and her phone and her camera!

I hate thieves!

I'm so on-the-fence about this whole thing too! On the one hand, I'm so pissed that she would do something as stupid as leaving her purse sitting unattended during a song. I want to just scream at her! Who could be that dumb! On the other hand, it's not like she meant for this to happen. And she set it down by lots of other purses. She totally feels like crap! She was crying all night long! She feels like she has let us down because it's the only time she's ever taken the van, and then this happens. Plus, she knows that she is going to be without a phone for awhile. That's going to be difficult! Especially given her commutes each school day!

Her and her friends searched around the outside of the school last night after it happened, hoping to find a dumped purse somewhere. We did the same after we brought her some keys for the van. We even searched the field, the dumpsters, everywhere! The police came over last night, and he said he was going to go over to the school to search too.

As you are driving around, keep your eyes peeled for a white and dark brown floral bag/purse thing.

I would post a cute picture of the group, but WE DON'T HAVE THE CAMERA!
I'm not sure I can think of a song in my state of mind. Is there a song about wanting to kill the person who stole you daughters purse?


Cami said...

Oh man that totally stinks! I will keep my CSI eyes open for clues! Think of it like this, she will ALWAYS remember this dance even if she has no proof of actually being there.

Jami said...

Oh, that really sucks! I am so sorry that people can be such jerks.

Panamenos said...

I'm so sorry too!!!

A suggestion... when you get the new car keys made, have them make two (once they make one, it's not that much more for a second one) and ALSO ask them to give you the key code--if you don't have it already. Then if you ever have to have a new key made again (heaven forbid!) it is a little less if you know the code.

I am so sorry this happened. Aargh!

Mike and Dee said...

I guess this will be a hard fast lesson that you can't trust anyone!! Even when I go shopping I take my purse out of the cart if I plan on walking just a few feet away from it! It's too bad that we have to live in a society with thieves. Recently, we had some DS video games and a few of Jett's toys stolen from neighbor kids! It just makes me sooo mad! I know how you feel and how your daughter must feel! No matter what the items are, it just makes you feel helpless and angry!

Shill and Company said...

Oh that is absolutely HORRIBLE! What a sickening feeling to be invaded that way. I am so sorry about all of the hassle that this has caused you guys. Poor "Sue." What a crappy evening. I'm with you, thieves are the scum of the earth!

Nene said...

I hate thieves too! They are scum of the earth! So sorry this happened, what a bummer. :(

Brandi said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for the suggestion about keys.
Our only problem, is that the keys both have to come from the dealer. The scion key is a remote and key in one and is $200 to replace. The van is probably quite a bit less, but who knows for sure.

Cindy said...

That REALLY stinks! What a terrible night. Those keys are expensive. Just our van one that isn't really anything fancy but does have some kind of code programed in it was about $50 to make a copy. I hate thieves too! I hope the guilt of what they've done is killing them.