Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fencing with Vampires!

Lately, I have been sort of on - the - fence about the upcoming Twilight movie. I love the books so much! I couldn't decide if I wanted to ruin my love for them by seeing the movie. Tonight, when my oldest told me her and her friends were going to the midnight showing, I felt a little ping in my heart. I didn't want to be left out! PLUS, all of my fellow fan "mom's" I talked to today were going. Not one person I talked to today was waiting to go see it.

My oldest girls and I were going to go see it next weekend while Jason took Super to see Bolt, but I decided I can wait no more!

I searched for at least an hour and a half for a theater that still had tickets available. Finally, I ended up finding some. But not at my favorite theater. And not reserved seating. Sigh. Oh well, at least we get to see it tonight. Right? I would love to chat about it tomorrow on the comments section. Tell me what you thought about the show. What were your favorite parts? What do you think they should have done differently?
AND, if you haven't seen it yet, don't click on comments, or you may see something you don't want to see.

I've been dying to use this song on a post, and I think I have finally found a good one to use it on!So. Please. Enjoy "The Show" by Lenka (I hope we're not saying "I want my money back")


Brandi said...

Ok so you wanna know what I think?

From a critic standpoint I think the movie will probably get 2 stars maybe 2 1/2. ('cause the acting was just so-so. There wasn't much dialogue, etc)
BUT from a FAN standpoint, I thought it was great! I seriously got chills the minute they showed the forest (my mind is blank, I can't remember what it's called)

Seeing a movie that has a huge fan base is fab! The audience was awesome...there were giggles and claps in all the right places...clapping and cheering when Edward rounds the corner in the lunch room (one of my favorite parts)and I think the BEST part, when Edward is in Bella's room (in her undies and t-shirt) And he wants to "try something" with her. I wanted to be her! (but don't we all)

I loved the nod to the cover of Twilight. When Edward catches the apple and holds it just like on the cover. So WAS the book that started it all!

I thought their conversation in the forest (where she tells him she knows he's a vampire) really played out well. (I was worried about that scene)

My biggest complaint...IT ENDED! I wanted to keep going - skipping when he's gone, but coming back when Edward thinks Bella killed herself, and he goes to Italy. Only to be rescued by her and Alice.
Then skip forward again to the scene where Alice has kept Bella "hostage" while Edward goes hunting. He comes back, he lays her down on his gianormous bed and she's begging him to make love to her! OH BABY!!!
And finally, the honeymoon. I wanted to see Edward hang his clothes on the tree and get into the water...and wait for her. Meanwhile, Bella is freaking out not knowing what she should wear, and ultimately decides on a towel- which she leaves on the sand to join her husband.
And last but not least, the broken headboard scene. Sigh!

Anyway, now that I have re-written the Twilight Saga...I want to know...what did you think?

The Fife's said...

I don't get to see the movie until Saturday, but your post here only makes me want to see it more. I would have to agree with you though. All of my favorite parts are the ones you named. I can't wait for the birthday party that makes Edward think he has to leave to protect her. I can't wait for the part where Edward goes to Italy because he thinks that Bella killed herself and Bella goes chasing after him. I can't wait for the scene where she sees him almost about to step into the sun in Italy. I also can't wait for the honeymoon and to meet little Renesmee. All I can say is they better make every book into a movie since they started this craze!!

I can't wait until Saturday!!

Cindy said...

I loved it! You really thought the acting was so-so? I thought it was pretty good. I was nervous to go too because I thought I probably wouldn't like it. I thought the actors played the characters very well. Jasper was a little weird but I think everyone else did amazing. There was definitely chemistry between Edward and Bella too!

I wished they had developed all the characters in the Cullen family a little more but that's typical for a movie made into a book. Honesty, I read the books one right after the other so I can't remember how much they explained about everyone in the first book. Maybe they didn't?

Hearing people talk about the movie after, the people who hadn't read the books didn't seem to like it as much. There was laughter in places that you just wouldn't laugh unless you knew what happens later. I think that confused some people. I'm going to go read the book again now so I can see what the differences were. I think they stayed pretty true to the book though. Anyway, I loved it. It will be hard to wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

"I think the BEST part, when Edward is in Bella's room (in her undies and t-shirt)"

So Edward is wearing women's underwear? Really? Did I just read this wrong?


Brandi said...

OK, I did write that funny! I should clarify... Edward is in Bella's room. She is only in a t-shirt and undies. He wants to try something with her.

Edward in womens' undies could have been a whole different type of vampire movie! Maybe it could have been called Hunk of Flaming Love!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Honestly very disapointed. I went into not expecting much because they are never as good as the books, but I was thoroughly disappointed in Edward which is the whole reason I went, they could have chosen a better actor.

They took some of the most intricate parts out. If you hadn't read the book (they should anyway) then you would have no idea what is going through Bella's head when she stares at him for 10 seconds before answering, they put stuff where it didn't belong and I tend to be a little anal that way! I loved Alice they pegged her, Bella was really good, Jacob and billy were incredible, I would have liked to see Emmits character more. I will complain till I ruin it, When I left I felt like my boyfriend broke up with me LOL.
Remember this book is super fresh in my mind I only read it a week and 1/2 ago, so I remember vivid detail on how I felt and how my mind seen it. I think it makes a huge difference when you see the movie.

Overall it was good for what it was, I want to see the 4 hour version (that is how long it would be if it were up to me). I hope they do another one, a little less cheap, and send Edward to acting lessons and make him read the books thoroughly, his voice wasn't smooth he sounded like a dork. :)

Okay now that I have ruined the movie, at least you just rewrote it. We had an awesome audience I heard a ton of complaints from the prior audience that they couldn't even hear because they wouldn't stop screaming, so I am glad we didn't have that.

Don't get me wrong I got to have that giddy in love feeling a few times, just not as much as I did in the book.


Quader's said...

Hi Alissa's sister again :) She called me on her break and told me to check out your blog and all the comments... Okay I had to stop reading some because I haven't read the books so i didn't want to spoil it. I hear the horor screams you all are making. :) I went to see the movie with my 2 gf that read the book. Okay I personally loved it when Edward came into the lunch room.. I wanted to be bella, When they are in Bella's room and she is in her panties I wanted to be bella, hot hot hot! I loved the movie thought it played out well and really want to know what happens next so I am planning to read the next book and continue on from there but I loved the movie so much that if they make more movies I want to love them just as much as I loved this one. But I can't wait to find out what happens!!! Does Creepy Victoria hunt her forever?? Does she become a Vampire?? Do her parents find out??? What in the heck do they say if they do.... And my gf while reading the last book said she was preggers with a Vamp baby so now I have to know if she rids the baby or has the baby and does she end up a Vampire!!! ah... I know you guys are laughing now in histerics.. :)

Panamenos said...

I liked it a lot. Alfredo (who has now read it twice) really loved it too. They did leave some things out, but they always have too. I thought for the most part they kept the important things in. Seeing the trailers I didn't like Edward at all, but I liked him better in the movie than I expected. (Although I thought Carlisle was way better looking!)

We're going to see it again. (We are going with friends next weekend, but Alfredo didn't want to wait that long.)


I loved it too! I was SOOOO worried I wouldn't love Edward, I just didn't think he was going to pull it off, but he did, for the most part. I just LOVED Bella. LOVED her, she played her part exACTLY how I pictured her, my BIGGEST complaint is that they didn't show her relationship with Alice more, like how she got her all dolled up for the prom, etc. I LOVED the baseball scene, they TOTALLY nailed it. I Really enjoyed it, I'm glad you decided to go!

Cami said...

I totally agree about the acting but it was a wonderful movie in fact I think I will be watching it again and again. Jason you are so funny! Edward in undies and a tshirt ha ha ha. No wonder why you and Brandi are so cute!

Shill and Company said...

I am dying to see this! Both times that I have been invited to go my kids have been sick. Of course I felt sad for them, but I also felt sad for me. Boo hoo!

Mike and Dee said...

We went last night, and I thought it was pretty good. I was also worried about the person they chose for Edward, but he grew on me as the movie went on (just like the book!). Bella did really good, but I pictured her dad a little bit older. And, I thought Jacob was totally different than I pictured him, but still, fit the part. Overall, it was good. There were two people that went with us that didn't read the book, and it was so funny! They laughed harder than the rest of us (probably because some of it didn't make sense or was cheesy!). We had a lot of fun!