Monday, November 17, 2008

Pollyanna Moment

After my last post, I figured I should probably find something to be glad about. I could have it a lot worse right?
This Pollyanna moment was brought to you by the letter "S" (for sunshine) and the #5 (for the five things I am glad about)

#1 ah ah ah (do I sound like "Count") I'm glad that I went to church yesterday. I almost didn't because I wasn't in the mood at all! BUT, the moment I sat down and we started to sing, I felt a million times better. The power of a Hymn is amazing!

#2 ah ah ah! I'm glad it was nice weather yesterday. Beautiful!

#3 ah ah ah! I'm glad my hubby saved our old cell phones even when I gave him crap about doing it. 'Cause now we are using both of our old ones!

#4 ah ah ah! I'm glad we got cards canceled, the cell phone re-activated, and the front door lock changed. Now we have a pretty new one.

#5 ah ah ah! I'm super duper glad that the rock band track pack vol. 2 came out at midnight! The moment preschool is out Game Stop!
UPDATE on #5
boo hoo hoo! Turns out the internet is wrong (stupid internet) about the release date of RB Track Pack Vol. 2. It ships today, therefore, will not be in stores until TOMORROW! When I can't play it because I have preschool!
Hey moms: Do you mind if I just let the kids have free time all day and I will play my new game? Just kidding! I won't let them have free time the whole time, we will all get a chance to play the game. What a great idea!

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Shill and Company said...

Good things to be thankful for. Glad things are looking up!

Hey, how do you change the font sizes and colors like that? Am I the only person who hasn't figured that out?