Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks (TTA)

100 things I’m thankful for (in no particular order)
1. My husband.
2. He’s sweet, smart, sexy, a great dad, great handyman.
3. Super
4. She is cracks us up! Lately her favorite song is The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. She belts it out around the house. It makes me happy.
5. Loo
6.She’s very witty, very smart, and she’s the poster child of middle child syndrome.
7. Sue
8. She’s extremely ambitious when it comes to work, school and her future.
9. Our pets: Alice, Dax and Dargo
10. Especially Dax, she is a great protector and playmate.
11. My grandparents! Amazing!
12. My parents
13. Jason’s parents
14. Jason’s siblings
15. And their spouses
16. And my nieces and nephews
17. My extended family.
18. My friends
19. Especially the ones who know the real me!
20. The changing of seasons.
21. I especially love fall and spring!
22. Flowers (I promise, that if I never see a weed again, I will still love my flowers)
23. Trees
24. The mountains we live by (borrowed that one from my friend Dani)
25. They help me know North, South, East and West
26. Did ya ever notice when your on vacation that you can’t tell NSEW (unless you have a compass in your car) Love those mountains!-- Thanks Dani
27. And all the other types of land!
28. Coke
29. Modern medicine
30. Family movie nights
31. On the big huge leather couch.
32. Big enough to snuggle up next to my husband.
33. Google
34. For all my blogging needs!
35. Playlist for supplying my music
36. And the internet in general
37. Jason’s job
38. My job…
39. Never a dull moment.
40. Plus I can be totally goofy and the kids don’t care!
41. The “mom’s” I’ve met.
42. Many are very good friends of mine.
43. And are loyal readers!
44. Our home. My fortune cookie a couple of days ago said “A small home can hold just as much love as a large one”. It’s true!
45. Central Air. (ahh)
46. And of course the opposite, Heat.
47. Being able to decorate my home with my hubby.
48. Lowe’s for all our home improvement needs.
49. The library.
50. You can rent movies,
51. Cd’s,
52. Books… all for FREE!
53. Plus, they let me do my preschool graduation there.
54. Amazon.com (love to shop there)
55. FREE shipping when you spend $25 or more.
56. Costco
57. And cash back for being an executive member!
58. Lame Giant (I love shopping somewhere where clothes can be too big)
59. Having dependable cars.
60. One that’s paid off!
61. Gas prices that continue to fall.
62. Living so close to easy freeway access.
63. Cell phones
64. And texting (never thought I’d say that)
65. Computers
66. I wouldn’t have this list without one!
67. Cameras to capture life’s best moments.
68. Freedom!
69. And the men and women who continue to fight for it.
70. Being able to vote!
71. Electricity
72. Bathrooms. Not outhouses.
73. Soft toilet paper
74. And paper towels
75. And Kleenex
76. And Q-tips
77. Feminine Hygiene products (although I’d be even more thankful if I didn’t need them any more)
78. Vasectomies. Just relax, and keep on practicing!
79. Being able to use a faucet, not a well.
80. My washer. (love the front loader)
81. A clothes dryer
82. My dishwasher (not a human, but a Bosch)
83. SATC
84. Heroes
85. The Shield
86. My Name is Earl
87. Megaplex theaters…
88. Reserved seating
89. Best coke in town (at Jordan Commons)
90. My list wouldn’t be complete without Stephenie Meyer! “Literary Genius” who created
91. The Cullen Family
92. And the Host
93. And recommended “The Hunger Games”
94. Wii
95. Rockband!
96. For hours upon hours of enjoyment.
97. And introducing us to some new tunes!
98. Speaking of tunes… mp3 players! What did we ever do without them? (oh yeah, I remember the Sony Walkman)
99. My stereos (both in the cars and at home)
100. Tuesday Tell All (for supplying great ideas to blog about)

Song for this post: Thank You by Dido


Panamenos said...

an amazing list. when i saw 100 things, i thought. wow! do i even have time to read this right now. i have to get my kids to bed. but i'm so glad i did! thanks for reminding me of all we have to be thankful for.

McCulley's said...

YOU DID IT! So jealous, shows ya how determined I was. I am greatful for getting tubes tied also! Yay for practicing care free!!!!!!

Shill and Company said...

Great list Brandi. Nice to see how blessed you are as I read this. No wonder you are always such a happy camper!

I'm thankful for you!!!