Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Pie With a Heart in the Middle (TTA)

Today's Tuesday Tell All is entitled "What is your favorite Thanksgiving Pie?"

I hate to be boring, but I think my fave is pumpkin pie. I hated it as a kid and even through most of my adult life. But about the time I was pregnant with my "caboose", I started to crave it. Weird ha! I love the squishy texture. I love how the bottom crust has a slightly undercooked taste. It's delicious! And my sister in law makes a killer pumpkin pie crust that's perfectly sweet and perfectly flaky. She says the "secret" is lard. Mmm?

But, I don't want the other pies to get a bad rap, so I feel I need to make another statement. About a million years ago, when I first moved to this great valley, I worked at Marie Callender's. As you can imagine, I was able to taste pretty much everything on the menu.

Some surprisingly good pies are:

"Mince Pie" with rum sauce. Don't knock it till you try it. I wondered what in the world was in that pie, so I checked the MC website, and it says it is rich with "holiday fruits".

Custard Pie. It tastes very old fashioned. It's not overly sweet.

Marie's used to make a sour cream raisin pie that was pretty tastey, but I noticed it's not on the menu any more. However, Patra Hepworth's raisin pie, is divine! (and I'm not a huge raisin fan)

And, not really surprising good, but my favorite pie when I worked there was warm cherry pie with ice cream. BUT for me to eat it, I have to take the top crust off (I'm typically not a fan of crust) then warm it, then put the ice cream on top.

I'm going to leave you with a picture and a song from one of my favorite movies: The Waitress. Song: Baby Don't Cry. The movie's about pie, friendship,and pregnancy.

Other songs about pie you might want to check out (for old time's sake)
Cherry Pie by Warrent
American Pie by Don McLean


Cindy said...

Mmmmm. I have been craving pumpkin pie for weeks now. I can't wait until Thanksgiving. Bad thing at my house though is that only Abby and I like it so if I make pies we have to eat them all. And it's not hard for me to eat a whole pumpkin pie in one sitting. That's probably why I'm not a size 6!

Shill and Company said...

I love pie!!! I can't pick just one that I could say is my favorite. The older I get, I prefer pie over cake. Oh, I can't wait until Thanksgiving!