Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28 (Scarecrow)

Today, I am thankful for Scarecrow and his "If I only had a brain" song. I'll surely be singing it all the live long day today, for I had forgotten to pay my citation until this morning. What's the problem with that??! It was supposed to be paid by the 25th. So, technically, there could be a warrant out for my arrest today for not paying my ticket for not stopping all the way at a stop sign. So, this leads me to my next course of action for the day, go down and put my payment in the drop box and pray that since it was due the day before thanksgiving, and of course they aren't open on Thanksgiving, and they aren't opened on Fridays or the weekend either, they won't care or they won't notice that I am a couple of days late.
I would dance and be marry, I would be the doot do dooty (I don't know that part) if I only had a brain!
I bet you can't guess what today's song is? Not one, not two, but three, yes, three different versions of the song! I'd add some more if...

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Shannon said...

They won't take you to jail for rolling through a stop sign... trust me! It took me a very long time to pay a speeding ticket once... because I didn't agree with it! And... here I am... safe and sound at home and not in some institution! :)