Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Haunts Materialize

Loo and Supe both missed the school's Halloween celebrations this year. Loo had been out sick the whole week with a low grade fever and Supe started throwing up late Thursday night. We tried to live it up as much as possible, even though the girls were sick.

We carved pumpkins. Typically we do it template free. (you know, to get the creative juices flowing) I think this year was our family's best group of pumpkins! Supe did the traditional spooky Jack-o-lantern, I made the Coroline-ish pumpkin, Jason did the skull and Loo did the reverse Jack- she took off all the skin and scraped away most of the insides, then left the skin on the eyes, nose and mouth.

We fancied up the yard. Jason made grave markers out of some scrap wood, and I painted the names on them. Notice our attention to detail- the flowers on each of the graves.

Then, lastly, we sent the girls trick or treating. I know it wasn't the best thing to do, but since they had missed out on the school stuff AND the Trunk or Treat with our ward, I thought they needed at least a chance to get in the experience this year. They made it to about 8 houses before calling it quits. It was sad.

I'm looking forward to next Halloween. I'm crossing my fingers that the girls will be healthy and able to enjoy all of the festivities. :)



Nene said...

Boo for being sick on Halloween! Love the yard decor and the pumpkins! And your kids are so flippin' gorgeous!

Panamenos said...

Love your yard decorations too!

So sorry that they were sick. We know all about that at our house too. Thank goodness everyone but Gabrielle was better by Halloween day, but we've had colds, fevers, and lots of vomiting at our house over the last 3 weeks. Now poor Gabrielle has a yeast infection and an ear infection.

Anyway, I sure hope that Loo and Supe are all better now and stay healthy from now on!