Monday, November 23, 2009

November 21 (the arts)

I am so grateful for the performing arts and being able to expose my children to them. I'm also thankful that this exposure has peaked an interest in all of my children!
We have taken our children to see a number of musicals. I think that so far, Les Mis is their favorite. (Sue saw Aida a couple of months ago though, we didn't, but she says that that one is her favorite now)
We've gone to many many many choral concerts. Granted, it's in part because our kids have been in them, but still.
And our latest performing arts first, was the Nutcracker on Saturday. I took the little girls to see that with me. They thoroughly enjoyed the ballet, and since then, Supe's been dancing around the house!



Panamenos said...

This is something I would like to be better about. I often have good intentions...I hear about a concert or something and think "Oh, I should take my family to that." But I don't usually follow through. Maybe as they get a little bigger... Maybe you have inspired me to be better at this. How wonderful that your kids all participate in drama, choir or other arts.

Shannon said...

GOOD for YOU! Music SHOULD be an important part in everyone's life... speaking of which, I really want to get Xar in piano lessons soon! Know anyone good?