Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 23 (Pixar)

I don't care if this sounds funny, but I'm thankful for Pixar. They have made some of the greatest movies! Their latest, Up, was wonderful! We watched it again last night and I just can't believe how well they captured Ellie and Carl's relationship. How they fell in love, some of the trials they faced in life, and finally her death. It was one of the most touching parts of a movie I have ever seen. The whole movie is great, start to finish. The dogs were funny, Russell was just like a kids that age. I don't know. I just think they nailed the whole show! And they haven't made a bad show yet!
Toy Story 1 and 2
Bugs Life
Monster's Inc
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Cars is my least favorite of the bunch, but even it has some redeeming qualities. And the shorts...they are just as cute as the movies! If you ever get the chance, you should either buy or rent the shorts DVD. I know you probably own all of the shorts because you most likely own all those movies, but the Pixar story is just awesome! And it's also fun to hear how all those shorts came to be.


Panamenos said...

Thanks Brandi... you just ruined Up for me! (I'm totally kidding. I still haven't seen it, but I already knew the end. Someone else ruined it for me already.)

You are right. I wouldn't have thought of Pixar as one of the things I'm thankful for, but they do make great movies!!!

Brandi said...

Actually Jenny, when you see the movie, you will know that I really didn't spoil anything. I just wanted to peak your interest.

Shannon said...

BRANDI! We are so much alike, it's scary (except you are much more funny and beautiful)! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pixar! I'm usually way more excited to see movies from Pixar than my kiddos! And the shorts are my absolute favorite! What about "Boundin"! I think this is definitely something to be thankful for! :)

David said...

I loved Up as well - Pixar are proud of their ability to tell a good story and that's what makes them a good match to Disney.
I'm a big Disney Cars fan so i'm kinda hurt from your last remark but i understand what your talking about . Hopefully the next Cars Movie (2012) would have a better story.
Anyway , for those of you that might be interested , there is a good deal on amazon on Pixar BluRays you might want to check Here