Thursday, November 5, 2009

Closet Math Addict

A few nights ago, I came into the preschool room to find Supe scrolling on the wipe board in a mad scientist sort of way. It was pretty funny (and cute). She's locked herself in her room lately too. She uses her own wipe board and does math problems for an hour at a time. We've been to the point lately where we've had to tell her she has to STOP doing math. Weird huh?

Anyway, Supe adores her teacher and she's absolutely loving the new school. They do Singapore Math ~ every time I say that I think of Captain Jack Sparrow saying "Clearly you have never been to Singapore", especially because until this year, I had never heard of that program. Anyway, the approach seems to be quite different than the way it was taught in the past, and, for Super anyway, it's made it more fun.
Today's song: Addicted to You by Simple Plan (sorry, it's the best I could come up with)



Panamenos said...

Wow! Glad that she is loving math so much! Great for her. Michelle is kind of like that with writing. She is forever writing words, sentences, stories, etc. on any paper she can find. But mostly I love it.

Anonymous said...

My cute little math girl. Feist's 1234 would have been a fun song as well.


Shannon said...

MATH is a GREAT addiction! :) Keep it up and she'll be at MIT in a decade! :)

Terri P. said...

Hi Brandi!

Great to read your blog about your daughter loving math... the company I work for trains teachers on these great strategies. If you're ever looking for manipulatives or supplemental materials, just let me know. We actually have a book called The Parent Connection to help parents understand this new way of taking a concrete to pictoral to abstract approach to teaching.

Rock on, Supe!!


McCulley's said...

wow you make me want to check into a charter school out this way what a great program.