Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's hear it for the boy!

OK. I'll admit. I'm cheating a little. My proud mommy moment this week is actually a toot for my husband!

Imagine one of these...

Filled with 25 of these...

On their way to a destination about 4 hours from home.

Then, if that isn't scary enough...imagine that you have to (or get to, depending on how you look at it) spend not just one day, but 3 days with them! And do you get 5 star accommodations or a comfy bed? No you get one of these and one of these.

Well, that's exactly what my sweetie did in September. He got in all of our family's volunteer hours, in one fell swoop, with this overnight-er trip with the middle school students.

Don't worry, we aren't stopping there. I have always volunteered in the schools. And this year is no different. I help out once a week in Supe's class with the Star Reading program. I also do field trips and other things if I'm able to help. So, I guess this post isn't entirely about Jason. I help too. And that's my mommy moment for the month. I- make that WE- help in the schools.


p.s. today's song...let's hear it for the boy!


Shannon said...

That is AWESOME! I DO believe that volunteering and showing an interest in all of the children's activities is the BEST way to stay involved in their sweet lil' lives! GOOD FOR YOU! And yes.. he IS very BRAVE! And PMM is made for daddys too!

Nene said...

That is a brave man right there. I'm not sure Chris could have done that! Way to go volunteerin' momma and poppa! (p.s. We're all getting sick now...hopefully not tonsillitis, I had that constantly growing up until I had my tonsils out and I would rather have the flu that tonsillitis!)