Thursday, March 5, 2009

Put On Your GREEN Shoes And Dance The Blues

Sue took her friend "The Persian" (that was his character in "Oklahoma") to Sweethearts over the weekend. I had to snap the top picture because I thought her green shoes were so stinking cute.
I was cracking up at her having to get into the car. She had to drive, which she was NOT looking forward to in her big giant dress and hoop skirt. (plus, she didn't have great luck last time she drove the van... remember the purse incident at Sadie's)

After the dance, they went their dresses. Crazy! Our neighbor who owns the bowling alley was working at the time, but unfortunately she was on the opposite side of the building and couldn't get over there to see the girls trying to do it.
How lame is this of the girls who went with the group didn't want to go bowling, so Sue took her home, but the date wanted to stay and bowl. What a trooper! And to do it without a date! He literally was the fifth wheel. Stupid girl!
At the end of the evening...Sue and all of her friends arrived home safe and sound with all of their personal possessions in tact. Now I think that sounds like a successful date! Well, all except for the fact that she never did get a "Persian hello". Dang it!

Let's Dance by David Bowie


Quader's said...

I love shoes so the green shoes are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

Mike and Dee said...

How fun! I am still wondering how well they bowled in those dresses!

McCulley's said...

She is so beautiful SERIOUSLY Every pic I see of her you can tell what a fun girl she is....

Nene said...

LOVE the green shoes!