Friday, March 20, 2009

Lunatic Fringe

Have I ever told you about my "friend" (name withheld to prevent embarrassment)

Well, anyway, she's been super busy lately. She's been getting lots of phone calls about her business over the past few days- (which is great for her- don't get me wrong) and she's also been having lots of people come over to her house to take a look at the business, but the house has to be in tip-top shape when people come by! BUT on top of that, her and her husband have decided to do some remodeling in their home. All these things put together, means that someone has to suffer. That someone, is her kids. OY! I know. It's sad!

The other night, one of her kids told the mom(my friend), that she was out of underwear. No biggie, that happens in every one's homes. I tried to be encouraging, and told her to go throw a load in the wash. Well, it turns out, my friend put the clothes in the washer, then forgot to run the load! Idiot! The little girl woke up the next morning and asked for her clean undies and the mom had to tell her little girl that she forgot to run the load. I felt bad for the little girl! And the girl, she's kind of stubborn and would not under any circumstance, go "commando". So, the mom had to drag her sorry butt to Wal-mart that morning before school to get some underwear! I can't believe it! I would NEVER do that to my poor kid!!!

The other thing she's been doing, or shall I say, not doing, is cooking! The last home-made meal she cooked was on Monday! Monday, people!! They have had what her kids refer to as "fend for yourself night". They've eaten cereal, pb&j sandwiches, and then, more cereal! My friend got some recipe books from one of her friends, and she says she's going to look through them so that she can get some meals ready to freeze. I hope she can do that!

You remember the little girl and her underwear, or lack thereof? Well, she's supposed to be reading every night for 20 minutes. The mom knows how important that is! She's a teacher herself! But the reading has fallen to the wayside too!

Any advise for my "friend"? She's a slacker mom!

I think it's only fitting that people who talk about their "friend"- as if no one knows it's really themselves that they are talking about, should have Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider as the song for today!


Cami said...

we call that recycling in our home!!! thank goodness I have been on it and it only happened once where someone had to rewear an undergarmet!

Shannon said...

Don't be SO hard on yourself! We ALL go through those moments in life where EVERYTHING is CRAZY and the people closest to us SUFFER... but, luckily God made women strong for these times and we somehow pull through and get back on track! And believe me... I know about not cooking dinner for a period of time.. at least you guys are eating stuff at home - during those times we go to Mickie Ds or other equally disgusting places for dinner! My advice: hang in there... things will calm down... and your kids will survive and probably learn something in the process! :)

Cindy said...

Seriously, I am no where near as busy as you (and am not remodling) are and I've only cooked once this week. We've either had take out or have thrown something like grilled cheese together. And I don't even want to admit how many times my family has run out of clean underwear because my backlog of laundry. If I were actually to get caught up on it there probably wouldn't be enough drawer space for all the underwear they have. Give yourself a break and know that this is only a temporary thing. :)

Quader's said...

I am a freak about underwear or as my daughter and I call them panties for girls and underwear for boys.. See what a freak I am.. I overbuy these items to where I would have to not do laundry for 2 weeks or more... Wasteful maybe but that is the FREAK part in me.. Dinner now that is something I hate trying to think on what to make blah blah.. So my family has a fend for yourself night a lot filled with mac and cheese my kids are little and some kind of left over or just the other night I ordered a pizza.. My hours are being cut at work and I ordered a pizza :) Smart cookie now aren't I. My point is we all have times and things in our lives that are more difficult than others yet we get thru them. :) Because we are super!

Panamenos said...

i agree...give yourself a break! and maybe buy some premade meals at the store. they make some pretty decent ones. they aren't as cheap usually as homemade ones, but they are relatively healthy and easy.

week before last i think we ate out 4 times because i'm almost out of freezer meals and just couldn't bring myself to cook. we all have busy times.

McCulley's said...

Hey we all have those days. You are (I mean your friend) Is an incredible mother friend and teacher! Don't worry about it. It'll all be back to normal soon and you can laugh about it!

Ginger said...

lol maybe you should tell your friend to teach her kids to do their own laundry lol you are soo funny

i havent been cooking much either i just dont like it

Nene said...

Seriously - I am going to pee my pants! You. Crack. Me. Up! Oh, and Sy just said, "She designed her blog really cute!" :)

Mike and Dee said...

I don't think I remember the day I cooked something?? My kids look fed, don't they? Good thing we have restuarants to they can get a variety once in a while! Life can get crazy when your house is upside down in construction, so don't worry so much! When our basement was getting done, we had clutter everywhere and I was going crazy because I tend to be a neat freak! Now that it's done, I love it! I often forget to start my dryer or run the washer! That is normal for a busy, working mom with a crazy house! :)