Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashion Tag

So, my cute little friend Hannah (she used to be my across-the-street-neighbor) tagged me to do a fashion tag. She is very much a "Glam Girl"! And her blog is a crack up to read!!! (Unfortunately, it's private)

Post the rules on your blog
answer the five questions on your blog
Let each person know they're tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

FYI I try not to ever, ever go to the mall, unless it is absolutely necessary! After working for 15 years in the mall, I feel as though I have spent enough time there to last me a couple of lifetimes! But, anyway, here goes:

List five types of shoes you would by at the mall:
(I'm not really a shoe person. I don't feel like I have anything new when I buy them. I much prefer a cute shirt or some new jeans)

1. Payless shoes
2. Docs
3. Sketchers
4. Old Navy
5. Whatever else is UNDER $35

What accessories suit you best?
I love necklaces! I wish I had one for every outfit!

What's your idea of dressing up?
I love putting on some nice perfume, my favorite jeans, and a cute top!

What are your favorite stores at the mall?
Well, I don't really go to the mall, but I like Lame Giant (Lane Bryant), Old Navy, and Costco

I tag whoever wants to participate! :)

Thanks Hannah! That was fun!

1 comment:

Nene said...

Lame Giant! You're killing me tonight! I love necklaces too but hate jewelry. That doesn't make sense?!