Sunday, March 22, 2009

Micorscopic kitchen update

NOTE: it's a microscopic post because this is the slow part. There probably won't be any pics now until we are getting ready to paint BUT Jason has been working his butt off!!!

Bottom cabinets are primed.

Last weekend we added an over-the-range microwave. It's spiffy! I don't know why we waited 12 years to add one!

Yesterday, we bought a convection oven. It will be delivered in about 2 weeks, which is when this project will hopefully be done! I'm very excited to bake something yummy. Maybe my infamous banana cake, or maybe my delish oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I may just turn into Betty Crocker! Well- maybe Betty is a stretch. :D


Ginger said...

hope jason gets his butt back :p i love the over the range microwaves you are going to be so bore when you finish this project lol

McCulley's said...

We are buying one of those overthe range Microwaves that double as an oven so excited. Congrats on your new oven and micro.

Brandi said...

I think those oven/microwaves would be way cool!
We chose ours mostly for the size, but partly from consumer reports...honestly we never looked into the micro-oven combo, but I bet you will LOVE it. It sounds fab!!!!!!:)

Nene said...

Betty Crocker! Yay! Bake me something yummy!

Mike and Dee said...

You will love the flat top range! We replaced all of our appliances a few months ago, and I am loving it! My dishwasher fits so many more dishes and it is so quiet! Congrats! I bet your kitchen is going to look great! :)