Thursday, March 5, 2009

Couldn't resist!

BORING!!!! I threw most of the crap away that was on the top of my cabinets before! Durring:
I am so excited about the way the cabinets are turning out. Jason didn't want me to post pics yet because he doesn't think it's exciting enough. BUT, I will anyway, but don't tell him! Shh!!
So far we have done this to the top section of our cabinets: add crown moulding, add base moulding, sanded, primed, pained and now antiqued. Tomorrow (after we are done with Sue's court case from the purse incident) we are going to antique the doors. Can't wait!
The next part of our to-do-list will be a BEAST!!!! We will be pulling the counter tops off, the sink out, and the bottom cabinets out completely, so that we can get rid of the linoleum/ sub floor, add a water line to our fridge, put in pergo (like the living room). It's exciting and it scares the you-know-what out of me at the same time!
So if you haven't read my post entitled "Burgers and Fries" please do it now! I am asking for crock pot recipes, make ahead meals that you can freeze, and or frozen meals you like to buy at Sams Club or Costco. Help me! Please! We'll go broke if you don't!
no song for this post, because I wanted to focus on Sue's dance, but if I were to put one on, it would be "Help Me Rhonda". Because I need your help!


Cindy said...

The cabinets are looking so great! You are going to love your kitchen after it is done. It makes me want to start a new project.

Mike and Dee said...

Maybe you can do my house next! The cabinets look GREAT!!

McCulley's said...

I think inbetween pics are exciting you get to see the work that is going into it and steers me right away from doin' it myself can't wait to see the finale