Monday, March 30, 2009

The Truth is Out There

As promised, here are the pictures from Jason's b-day:

Here he is getting ready to open his presents:
He really gets into it!
Here's the dinner I made...

...and the cake:

I want to Believe!

But here's the truth:

The stove is supposed to go between those two cabinets

Through much of the weekend, my kitchen looked like this:

Notice the stove, it's where my table is supposed to go!

We really did celebrate Jason's birthday, just not till about 8 that night. We got our Chili's take out and Costco cupcakes and sat down to watch Bolt. We paused after we ate to have him open his presents. We gave him How I Met Your Mother (first 3 seasons) Battlestar Galactica (first 2.5 seasons) and The Bro Code (a funny little book / companion to How I Met Your Mother. SO in between all the painting and such, he can also learn how to be a "Bro"

Song: X Files theme


Nene said...

Happy BDay Jason! You guy have to go see I Love You, Man with the guy from HIMYM. SO FUNNY! I can't wait to see your kitchen finished. Does Jason want to quit his job and remodel kitchens for a living? I'll sign up first. No? Oh. :(

Shill and Company said...

What a good sport. I know that my hubby wouldn't do that on his birthday!