Saturday, March 14, 2009

Air Head

I think I may have mentioned before how sometimes Sue still says things that crack us up... Well, I keep forgetting to post this funny little story. Here is what happened at Sue's work a couple of weeks ago:

Christy says: Hey Sue, will you please take lemons to 8?

Sue says: Sure!

Sue goes out to the lobby, and calls "Lemons party of 8... Lemons party of 8"

Christy happens to walk by and hear her calling for Lemons, and says: No, I meant, take lemons to table 8.
Song for today: Yellow by Cold Play. (It's almost like there is a theme for my songs this week. Who knows maybe next time, the song will be Lady in Red, or Blue Suede Shoes)


Nene said...

Bwahahahahaaaaaahaaha! That is awesome!

McCulley's said...

That is so funny. That is something I would have done. Who am I kidding, I probably still would.