Monday, February 9, 2009

Savin' her pennies

Super has been saving her money for what feels like forever! She finally had about $45 and a birthday coming up. She decided she wanted a Nintendo DS like no tomorrow. (the neighbor girl has one and she had played with hers and thought it was pretty spiffy) The problem was, we had already decided she would get a digital camera for her birthday.
Anyway, Jason and I gave her the idea of selling her Leapster and games on ebay so that she could put the money she got toward the purchase of the DS. Her games and Leapster sold for $94. She was so excited! A few days before that she also got a $50 American Express gift card in the mail, so she was set! Now, she finally had enough money to buy her thing.
SO, Friday, we took her to our friendly neighborhood Costco, where she picked out a cute pink DS with a case, charger, the works. She also got to buy a Mario Game. Go Super!!! Way to go for saving your money!
I'll post a picture soon (she's at school right now, but guaranteed the moment she gets home it will be in her hands for the rest of the night)


Nene said...

You go girl!!!

Ginger said...

wow so cool that the leapster sold for tons of money lol go her for saving

McCulley's said...

Yay, that is so cool way to not let it burn a hole, that is so hard for kids! Impressive

Shill and Company said...

That is fantastic! It feels so good to work hard and save up for something that you really, really want. I am so impressed! Enjoy playing for endless hours Super!

Shannon said...

Way to show her the value of money and what it takes to buy that desired item! She will be so good with money!