Monday, February 2, 2009

Kids love books!

To any of my fellow readers (who live within driving distance from me):
I have more book orders ready to order from if you are interested. There are books for the February and March Firefly and Seesaw. The orders contain books for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, President's Day and Easter as well as many many other good, fun, every-day books.
user name: writestartpreschool
password: mrsbarnett

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Quader's said...

Ch 11 is about them getting to know each other. She asks tons of q's they talk about him and Emmett hunting and then he asks her a bunch of q's They pull up at her house and Billy and Jacob are there. I am now at ch. 17 where she tells Charlie she is going on a date with Edward and they go to play baseball with the Cullens. This is the part in the movie that scared me (I am a whimp I know. I read in the carpool on the way to work at lunch and in the carpool on the way home tonight. AH it is killing me I just want to know what happens but then what will I have to look forward to! :)