Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Great Day for the Zoo

We headed out for the zoo yesterday. Mostly because Super was totally bent that she didn't get to go with the preschoolers this week.

Anway, if you haven't been to the zoo in the winter, you should go! It's so much more fun! The animals actually do things (besides lay there in the shade)

There were a few really cool things that we saw:

A boa was shedding it's skin right before our eyes. All of us crowded around it's habitat watching the skin sort-of pop, then it would slide out of it. We were fascinated. I think we stood there for a good 15 minutes watching. It looked kind of like white fish-net nylons and the snake would make it's body bigger, and the skin would stretch until it broke off, then he'd keep on sliding out.

I always like watching the meerkats. They are so cute and active. They had about 4 of them in with some porcupines, and the little guys kept bugging the porcupines. The porcs would get mad and make their quills stick out, but the meerkats would come back for more. It was funny! A little while later, the porcs were trying to - how can I say this politely? make love. Nothing says fun like watching porcu-porn!

The highlight of the day was watching the Siberian Tiger. He was walking up and down all over his exhibit. Climbing up his mountain thing, going across the bridge, eating his lunch. He even paused to roar several times. It was like he was telling us "oh, that lunch was good"

The moral of the story is: try the zoo when it's cold. It's the best!!!

And, faithful readers, have you noticed things have been a little quiet lately, well, fear no more, the music is BACK! Sorry. Been spending too much time on facebook. But, I'm recommitting to my blog, after all, it's the most important thing, since it's about my family, and not just me!

Without further udo, here's todays music:
At The Zoo: by Simon and Garfunkle
Lion Sleeps Tonight: The Tokens
Blackbird: Sarah McLachlan (for the record, it's my fave "Sarah" song)


Quader's said...

Okay. I am now at Chapter 11 in twilight. I am enjoying the book and the detail is giving me that the movie did not I will have to see the movie again I think when I am done by that time it will be on DVD I am sure or very close to it. I don't have a ton of time in my life. :) Anyway I like it. And I have to say my dermatologist is much much much much cutter in person. But the pick is pretty good.
I have never been to a Zoo when there is snow on the grown looks incredible and cold. :)

Mike and Dee said...

It sounds like you had a great time! The weather was so nice yesterday! I wish we would've thought of the zoo! We even have a pass!

Panamenos said...

My best trip to the zoo was last spring. We went around 4:30 just before the gates close. But they'll let you stay for an hour after that. There were very few people there and the animals were pretty active. The zebras were fighting/playing with thier food dish and chasing each other around. The train and food and stuff isn't open, but it seems calmer. But most days it is too crazy for me to get there at that time. Glad you had fun! We're hoping to go in February if it's not too terribly cold.

Shill and Company said...

The other thing about attending the Zoo in the winter that I love is that it is not as CROWDED! My last experience there was very different than the, "Boo at the Zoo" event. WHEW!