Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a great weekend!

Friday night, our friends the Shills, came over for dinner. We always enjoy seeing the Shills! They were our across the street neighbors for the first 5 years or so of living in our house. They were also the first people we met when we moved in! They are wonderful and have very sweet kids!

Jason and I made our Pork with root beer apples thing for them and it was very delicious! After dinner, we watched IRobot (love that show) so they could get a feel for surround sound. (They are on the tail end of finishing their basement, and are sort-of shopping for a system right now)
Anyway, it was a great night! We love you Chris and Chrissie! Thanks for coming over!

Saturday, we went to the movies and saw WALL-E. It's a sweet story of a robot who is all alone on Earth but longs to to find true love. Behind the main plot, there is a very subtle, yet powerful message to be kind to Earth.
It was so cute! So sweet! Thought provoking. Very entertaining!
I give it 4 1/2 stars!
One other note, when Jason left the movie, he said "I think that's my favorite Pixar movie yet"
I agree!

the summer movie season is upon us. Tuesday Hancock comes out. We may be seeing that next weekend!
You can also enjoy a couple songs from the movie as you are reading my blog (assuming you are reading this before I have added another post)

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Shill and Company said...

What a fun-filled weekend. Thank you so much for inviting us over and for the amazingly delicious dinner. You guys have gone gourmet on us. How can we keep up now? You were so sweet in the comments that you made about our family. We love you guys too! We always have such a great time with you. I wish we were able to get together more often. Hanging outside with you Brandi truly reminded me of the good ol' days just walking across the street and chillin for a while. Good times!