Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Little Mermaids

We bought a pool pass again this summer and have been spending most days there during the week! This sounds mean, but for the most part we do it while Jason is at work. (he's not really into swimming though!)It has been so much fun! Super has pretty much taught herself how to swim, and Loo had lessons a few years ago, so we could definitely use some real lessons again, but for now, we are just plain having fun!

Today, I took my camera to the pool and got some cute pics of the girls. Sue wouldn't let me take pictures of her...she said it was embarrassing!

Here is a link to some video I took today.

When it's all over.....sleep!


Nene said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE SWIMMING! Can we come? Or you can come to our pool? Remember how I need friends? Guess what? You're the winner!

Brandi said...
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Shill and Company said...

That looks like so much fun! You are a nice mommy for taking them! What a fun way to beat the heat.