Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

This week's topic is favorite sounds:

You know the time of year, when you can open the windows to cool off your house? Like a warm spring day, or late fall... Well, that's when I like to open my windows, feel the gentile cool breeze coming in, and hear the birds chirping and maybe even the sound of an airplane going by. I love to hear the first sounds of the lawn mowers too.
I also love to be in the car alone, and crank up the stereo really loud to my favorite song or cd. I sing like my life depends on it, (probably not one of everyone else's favorite sounds....that's why I do this only with the windows up!)
I love to hear my children laughing and being goofy! I love to stand outside the door, so they don't see me, and listen to what they are saying!


Amanda said...

Love the makeover. It looks great!

Nene said...

I love that time of year too! And sleeping with my windows open!