Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Jason

Happy Father's Day to the most important Dad in my life, my husband!

When Sue was really young, she didn't know what the word daddy was, she thought it was someone's name. In fact, my friend at the time, Kim (she's now my sister-in-law, but that's a story for another day) was married and had two kids. She was my neighbor, and would watch Sue for me sometimes. Anyway, her kids would call her husband Tom "Daddy" because he was, and Sue would call him Daddy too. She thought that was his name! Well, I tried to explain to my two year old, that she didn't have a daddy yet, but when we found a great man, we would get married, and she would have a daddy too!
Well, about 6 month's to a year later, along came Jason... we met on my friend Kim's porch. I as coming up to her place to do some laundry, and he was coming down the stairs to leave. Kim said "have you met my neighbor?" She knew we hadn't actually met before, but she thought it was a great opportunity to introduce us!
A short time passed, and it was Easter. Kim set up a double date for Jason and I, and we went to the 49th Street Galleria (remember that place) for an Easter Egg Hunt.
A few weeks later, we went on our first real date, and the rest is history! Here's an interesting tidbit: my friend Erika watched Sue for me while Jason and I went out. After Jason dropped me back off at home, she said "you're going to marry that man!"
My point with this story is that Jason has been "Daddy" since the first time we went out. We may not have called him that right away, be he filled those shoes almost immediately! And that, my friends, is just one of the reasons why I love my hubby!

And now for some pics:


Cindy said...

What a sweet story! I didn't know how you and Jason met. That is so fun to see some old pictures of your family. Wow, you both look SO young in that wedding photo! I'm sure you weren't younger then I was when I got married though. :)

Shill and Company said...

What a nice tribute to Jason. He is such an amazing guy. You two are just perfect together. You treat each other with such love and respect and always seem to have so much fun together. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their parents. I loved all of the pictures that you posted!!!

Zobell Fam said...

I love your dress and look at Kylie...She is so cute!! I love seeing old pics especially beautifule ones!!

Panamenos said...

What a neat post!

Nene said...

Way to go Jason - not many men can really be considered a man. Well, he is the MAN! Good catch, Brandi!

McCulley's said...

That is so precious that made my night to read that!