Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goofing Around

Wednesday, Sue and Super and I went shopping for some Trek clothes at DI. Sue found some great purple high hilled shoes. Super couldn't get enough of them. I swear that the shoes had magical powers, because when she had them on, she was a different kid! She was so goofy! She wore them as much as she could for a couple of days. She wore them while taking Sue to work, she wore them to the grocery store. She even wore them while she was riding her scooter! What a nut!

Notice her Book of Mormon?... Future missionary? Probably not in those shoes!

Another story: Thursday night (I think) we went to Carl's Jr. to grab some dinner. Jason ordered "a six piece chicken star" for Super. The lady didn't understand what he said, so he repeated "one, six piece chicken star".

worker: We don't have 16 piece chicken star

Jason: no- one, six piece chicken star

worker: I know, we do not have a 16 piece chicken stars!

meanwhile: the worker proceeds to put a few different amounts of chicken stars on the screen. I think she had a 9 piece and 2- 6 piece chicken stars at this point. (what does that equal? 21? Well not six or sixteen)

So, I thought maybe I could be more clear and I say "No. Mam. We need one -six piece chicken stars"

worker: we don't have a sixteen piece chicken star

finally Jason says: how bout we just come in?

At this point, she has two nine piece chicken nuggets on the screen. Sue and I are doing our best to hold in our laugh. We don't want to seam rude, but come on? How hard is this? I don't know how to make it more clear. OH MY WORD!!! Well, we were almost crying we were laughing so hard (silently - We don't want to hurt her feelings or do something to our food)
I think the lady finally got someone to help her, because she finally got it through her head that we only needed one order of six pieces!

So the point? Well, I think it is very helpful when the people working the drive thu, it might be helpful to know English!


Panamenos said...

I love the shoes! :)

Funny story about Carl's Jr. My girls call it "Twinkle Little Star" because of the star logo.

Amanda said...

Funny story! Just think, you would have never had the laugh if they would have spoken english!

Shill and Company said...
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Cami said...
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McCulley's said...

Love the Carsl Jr. Story we had to stop going there because I never get what I order and they can't count fry sauce I always get 1 less than I ask for (maybe there is a shortage LOL) By the way they won't be excited about the trek until it starts. Our girls hated the pioneer dress but the experience is still something they talk about two weeks later and they all say they want to do it again. It is tough though!