Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 things that make me feel beautiful each day

subtitled: Things I would take with me on a stranded desert island...provided there was electricity!
(left to right in a round about way)
  1. Powder Play by big sexy hair. It's amazing stuff! You sprinkle it on your hair like a powder, but the moment it touches your warm hands or hair, it melts. Then it lets you back-comb, or whatever, and it totally holds it's shape! I can't explain it. But the important thing is that it makes my hair go from limp to va-va voom!
  2. Cover Girl blush (only the best for me!) But it's inexpensive, they have very nice colors- that stay, and the smell is fresh and clean...like Noxzima.
  3. Can Can Perfume by Paris Hilton Even though it's kind of embarrassing to own her perfume, the smell is divine. It's a sweet candy-ish smell. Similar to cotton candy, but more grown up, and not so amusement park-ish.
  4. Uniq One all in one hair treatment. It really is an all in one thing. It's a root stimulator, a thermal protector, a detangler...etc. They claim it's 10 in one. I don't know, but I love it. It adds volume, definitely a good thermal protector and the smell rocks!
  5. Avon's Supershock Max. Why should I have to choose between thick lashes and long lashes? With this, I don't have to choose. I get both!
  6. Almay Intense i-Color Liner, Black Pearl. I used to not really wear eye liner, but now I can't image my eyes without it! I read this article an eyelash makeover a while back and have been applying the techniques I read. I'm very pleased.
  7. Revlon Colorstay 16 hour eye shadow. I love the colors choices! And I do feel like the color lasts 16 hours...with minimal to no creasing (and I don't even use a primer) Right now, my 2 favorite color are Siren (pictured above) and Enchanted.
  8. C.O. Bigelo Bare Mint Mentha Shimmer Tint sold at Bath and Body Works. (I call it Bath and Body works mint lip gloss. Much easier) I don't necessarily have a color preference. I just love the mint infused lip gloss. It smells good and it tastes good! I'm not into tasting my lip gloss. I actually really dislike almost any scented gloss on me, but my husband says it tastes good. He always licks his lips after we kiss (and I don't think it's because I'm a wet kisser)
  9. Victoria's Secret Your all Mine hand and body cream. It's scented pretty lightly, so it goes with pretty much any perfume you typically use. But I just love the feel of it on my skin.
  10.  My Victoria's Secret brassiere. I like the add 2 cups kind! Mine's even got sparkles. L-O-V-E it! I actually feel like it minimizes my waistline. Sounds weird, I know. You've just gotta trust me on this one.
Today's song: Perfect by P!nk (should be every teenage girl's anthem)
P.S. If anyone could share with me, how in the world to get streaming back on my blog, I'd be much obliged! Playlist no longer works. :(
P.S.S. Not featured, but ever SO important, are the hair dryer and flat iron. Both are musts!
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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

What a fun Top Ten Tuesday topic! :)

Although mostly not beauty products, I would say my black high heeled boots, my necklaces from Tiffany's, and some Chanel no. 5.

Shill and Company said...

I'm loving all of these suggestions. Thanks my friend!