Monday, October 13, 2008

Sacajawea aka Alice

I've been meaning to do this post for quite a while now, so today is FINALLY the day:

I have mentioned before that we have recently acquired a rabbit named Alice. Well, she is the sweetest bunny!

She loves to be a baby. We take her with us when we go to school to pick up Ashley. We have also taken her to Lowes twice! She is a trooper! The girls have dressed her up in a "jacket" that Loo made out of an old pair of pjs, they have put a hat on her, they have even put a harness on her to take her for a walk. It is so cute!

This weekend, Loo and Super made her Sacajawea. They are funny! I don't know how they decided that's what they were, but anyway, here are some pictures of little AliceAlice, looking like a stuffed animal
Alice in her "jacket"
Alice in her pen
Alice, like a baby
And Finally, Sacajawea Alice: Notice she is in a bunting...made from a sheet. And Super is dressed in a neat sheet with a head band holding it on around her neck)


Johanson said...

Aww! What a cute bunny!! That is so cute how your girls dress her up and haul her around!

McCulley's said...

How cute! What a fun bunny my kids would love that. You can tell your girls take after your creativity.

Shill and Company said...
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Nene said...

Man that Alice is spoiled! :) This post cracked me up! (I've been wondering if you dropped off the face of the Earth - very relieved to see a post!)