Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We will, we will, rock you!

Friday, I got a very exciting call...

It was my friend Dani (one of my "moms" from last year and the year before). She invited me to go to her house to play rock band with her and her friends. I was so excited. You all know how I. LOVE. ROCKBAND!

Anyway, it was so much fun! I was able to meet 2 other ladies. I didn't realize that the third friend was going to be someone I already knew. (she's one of this years "moms"). We laughed, and joked, and sang and danced, and drummed, and played the geeetar (you have to say it like that). We also had delicious caramel apples! MMM!

Here are a couple of the pics from that night.

New friends: Angie in the striped shirt, Jenn in the purple shirt
my "moms" Des in the plain black shirt, Dani in the short sleeved black shirt.

Thanks so much girls for letting me crash your party. Thanks so much Dani for thinking of little old me!

Here are some of our favorite songs of the night
Joker and the Thief
My Sharona
We will Rock You - Queen...coming through for me yet again! We didn't play this one though, but it sums up the post. Don't you think?


McCulley's said...

We had so much fun with you thank you so much for coming! Can't wait to Rock with you again.

Nene said...

Rock on ladies! Looks like too much fun!

Zobell Fam said...

I think this is such a cute post. I love it when grown women have a GREAT time!! ROCK ON LADIES!!

Angela said...

Thanks for the rockin' good time we are so glad you joined us. Hopefully we will see you agian soon.