Sunday, July 27, 2008

That Spoonful of Sugar on the Pantry Shelf is Gross

Baskets: 8 dollars

Shelf helpers: 24 dollars

Having a pantry you're not embarrassed to take a picture of: PRICELESS

Me and my little rodents (jk) gave the pantry an overhaul Friday. It was in DIRE need of some organization. Here are my before shots - I should add that I was tempted to turn the peanut butter right-side-up and throw away the twizzler wrapper, but I wanted to show what it REALLY looked like before we did anything.

Here are more after shots:

Songs for this post:
Spoonful of Sugar by Mary Poppins (now my pantry is practically perfect in every way!)
Happy Working Song by Amy Adams (for me and my little rodents)


Panamenos said...

looks great! i love having organized closets, pantries, etc. but am not naturally organized (hence my many things on my to do list this summer... the nesting instinct that comes with pregnancy is good for my house!)

Nene said...

Wow. Just wow. Are you for hire? LOL! Love the song. Maybe if I played it in the kitchen I would get some motivation!

Zobell Fam said...

I agree with the last poster...Are you for hire I hate my pantry and would love it to stay clean for longer than one day!! GREAT JOB!!

Shill and Company said...

Fantastic job! I organized my pantry a few weeks ago too. It feels so much better to open it up and find easily what I am looking for. You guys did great work.