Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Our 4th of July was very nice. We started our day by taking Sue to work (that wasn't the nice part thought) then we tried to go to the parade. We were running very behind, so we did a drive by for the parade, and decided to bag it and go to the zoo instead.

The zoo was very fun and not super crowded. Our favorite part was seeing the elephants. We caught a show where they were going to let the elephants get a bath in the hose. One elephant in particular was a "water-hog" as the keepers put it. She wanted the water to be sprayed on only her. In fact, if they were spraying a different elephant, she would stick her trunk up in the water so she could get a little wet. She also liked to open her mouth and have it sprayed (like the picture below) After their "bath" the zoo keepers hung up a giant fruit Popsicle for them to eat.

After the zoo, we came home picked up Sue, then made another delicious meal from the TOH magazine. It's Lemon Grilled Salmon. Here's a picture of the recipe if you want to jot it down.
After dinner, we went to watch fireworks.
Fun Day!


Shill and Company said...

Sounds like a great day! You know, every year I think it would be fun to see a parade but it never happens.

Your din din sounds great. We went to some neighbors house and our main course there was Chris' Peanut Curry. What says happy 4th of July more than a big ol' pot of curry?

We also went to see some fireworks. Gavin was in awe. He kept saying "WOW" and couldn't take his off the show for about 20 minutes.

Panamenos said...

how fun. i thought about taking the girls to the zoo...i wondered if it would be really crowded or not. sounds like it was fun. we love the elephants! they're our favorites. and the monkeys.

i've never been a big parade fan, but someday i'll have to go just so my kids have that experience. they'd probably really like it.