Sunday, July 6, 2008

Book Release Party at Barnes and Noble

OK! I know I have mentioned to many of you that there is a Breaking Dawn release party at Barnes and Noble. Here are the details:

Date: Friday, August 1

***At 9:00am Friday morning, they are handing out wrist-bands for books. Each person can pick up up to 5 wrist bands. I got the impression that the wrist bands were going to be handed out in numerical order. (last year, we got in line in the order of our number, so if you want to stand by your peeps in line, you may want to get your wrist bands at the same time)

The party starts at 8:30pm at
Barnes and Noble at Jordan Landing.
The party has a theme:
Bella's wedding reception. (so you can be VERY creative in your attire last year they gave out prizes for costumes: Bella look-a-like and Edward look-a-like)

During the party last year, there were stations set up throughout the store where you answered trivia questions about the books. They had prizes for the most correct and stuff like that. They also had Cullen family pictionary, and that's all I remember. I do remember that we had SO MUCH FUN!!!

The party goes until 11:30, at which time, everyone will form 2 lines. One line if you pre-ordered, one line if you didn't. (Obviosly, the pre-ordered people get to buy their books first.)Then, when Breaking Dawn is actually released at 12:01am, they will tear open the boxes, and ring people up according to the number on the wrist band. I highly reccommend pre-ordering your book. You will not be guarenteed a copy unless you have done so. (that means you could stand in line for an hour and leave empty handed)

Here is the phone number for B&N if you wish to preorder your copy: 282-1324

Here is the link to the B&N page (I didn't find it very informative though -all of the info. I have, I got from calling the store)

Be there...or be a warewolf! or something not good!
Below are some pics from last year. (we didn't take any pictures in the store, sorry)

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Panamenos said...

looks like you had fun last year. sounds like it will be fun this year. tell me about it. as it is less than a week before my baby is due, i'm not planning much of anything for the 1st of august... i'll probably preorder the book and have it shipped to my house. :)