Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Call for HELP

Ok, there are just 5 days till my little geek party (Breaking Dawn release, in case you've been hiding under a rock) .
I need to know if anyone has a bridesmaid dress I can wear for the evening. I am not going to dismantle it in any way, (or get vampire blood on it). But the theme for the night is Edward and Bella's wedding reception. They are even giving prizes for best and worst dresses, so I really really need something to wear!
Lexie needs something to wear too, she is a size 0 or 1. Please call me or email me if you can help


Panamenos said...

sorry i don't have one!

Johanson said...

Where are you going? I am definetly going to buy a copy too, but I think I will avoid the crowds! Good luck!

Shill and Company said...

I can't be of any assistance. Sorry my friend. Hope you get something put together in time. Have lot's of fun!