Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kelli, our girls' cute tumbling teacher

We are sad today. Our cute tumbling teacher is taking a break from teaching until January. She is getting married. Cool for her, sad for us :(
The girls have been taking tumbling from her for the past year and a half. They love her! They love to go to class each week, and they have learned so much from her. Ashley is addicted to tumbling and constantly does "tricks" around the house. She can't wait to go to class to show Kelli how she has improved!
We all love Kelli because she is so good with the kids and she has great taste in music. Throughout this past year we have even traded music with her. She introduced us to Regina Spektor, Beth Orton, Brandi Carlile, Erin McKeown, and many others! Jason thinks she's cool, because she likes Bruce Campbell! (B.C) Plus: not only has she seen "Bubba Ho-tep", but she also owns the special addition DVD complete with vinyl Elvis jacket! She also has a B. C. action figure AND has read If Chins Could Kill by B.C.
Basically, we just love her, and can't wait to trade more music with her, and see her possibly at her reception, or if not, then we will definitely see her when we sign up for January!!
songs for this post:
Regina Spektor: Fidelity
Brandi Carlile: The Story


Nene said...

They will still go, just with a different teacher, right? Where do you take them? I want to sign my boys up for tumbling.

Panamenos said...

She sounds great! I bet the girls will miss her until January. But how exciting for her to be getting married.