Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 In Review

In January my baby (aka: Pookey, Mash, Mash Potato, Super, Super Smash, and Fred) turned 6!

The girls did some playing in the snow and I took some great pictures. I am learning how to be a better photographer.

In March, Sue got asked to her first dance! (With Trent of corse)

Trent said "I'd be tickled pink if you would go to prom with me". Sue answered back " I'd be blue if I didn't go to prom with you!"

In June we went to Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George to see My Fair Lady and Cinderella. We also visited Snow Canyon while we were there. It was a "loverly" weekend!

We did our annual trip with my mom and the Lowry's...

"Mash" lost some teeth...

In July, Loo got to go to on a trip with the 5th/ 6th grades. She lost one of her tennis shoes in some knee-deep-mud on a hike, and Mrs Graham (her teacher this year) gave up her shoes for Loo to wear. The teacher walked for 3 miles with no shoes on!

Super and Loo took tumbling and couldn't get enough of it! They do it all the time in the living room. It drives Sue CRAZY!!!

Me, Sue and Melinda went to a "geek party". Well, that's what we like to call it anyway. Melinda's friends, and us got all vamped out with shirts that read "Bite Me Edward". We put black nail polish on, made our faces really pale, and even had vampire bite marks on us. It was so fun! It's not every day that you get to see the Relief Society President looking Goth! Then, we went to Barnes and Noble for the Eclipse book release. (If you haven't read the Twilight books, I strongly suggest that you do. They are FABULOUS! ) Oh, and thank you Melinda for introducing them to me!

We got a new grill, and now everyone wants to cook dinner. Talk about strange! Why didn't we get that sooner?

My cousin Jake got married in August, and Loo looked so beautiful in her new dress. She felt like a million bucks in it too. She kept posing for the camera!

We went to see Helper Idol. My niece was performing there, so we went down on a whim! We had a blast! Megan did a great job too!

Sue turned 16 and we had a surprise party for her. We asked everyone to come in their beach attire, and we had kind of a luau/beach party!

Loo turned 11 this year! To celebrate her b-day, we went ice skating. It was cool to go there in 100 degree whether (literally). The girls have been going ice skating with Trent most every Tuesday, as well as taking lessons! Super is now beginning skate 2 and Loo will start skate 3!

Here are our first-day-of-school pictures. "Super" is in 1st grade, Loo is in 6th and Sue is a JUNIOR! I AM OLD!!!!!!!!!

We started golfing a little this year with Jason...

Sue and Trent went to Homecoming and Sadies together before his mission. He left on November 28th.

And the rest of our year, is already posted on our blog (thank heavens)


Shill and Company said...

What a fun year your family enjoyed. That was such a fun post to read. Thank you for putting in the 3 hours on my behalf.:0) You have become quite the photographer! Your pictures looked fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Mack the Knife said...

Looks great! It's amazing how fast 2007 came and went.