Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lights at Temple Square

One of the fun things about Christmas time, is the concerts and performances our kids have. We have enjoyed several this season, but one of the most memorable, was downtown. We love going to this performance, because we get to look at the lights. Many times, we have wanted to go downtown, but don't want to because of the traffic and crowds. This performance, gives us an excuse to get out!

You may ask, "Why was it memorable?". Well, for one thing, the lights are amazing! But the other thing, is that the choir was dropping like flies! About midway through the first song, this cute girl in the front row completely passes out! Everyone in the choir and in the audience, was looking around trying to decide if they should keep going or not. Mr. Moore (their teacher) didn't miss a beat, and on they went. About 1 minute later, another girl in the front row, grabs the two girls' hands on each side of her, and starts shaking, and losing all color in her face, she finally sat down, and then passed out. The first girl stayed laying on the floor through their ENTIRE performance. Both girls were fine, they both just locked their knees and forgot to eat.

After the drama, we were able to go outside and take some pictures ...

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