Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What did we get?

So, one of the most popular questions of Christmas time is "Wha-did-ja-git"? I'll share some of the highlights of our gifts.

Well, the most funny gift was from our children. They gave us Nice n' Easy. . . yes, that is hair dye! They told us, "The box says '100% grey coverage', and tonight, we are going to do it!" Oh, how we love our children!

Sue got a stereo for her room. Trent gave her bunch of stuff including a watch, and a coat. Trent's grandma, "Grandma R" gives all the grand kids a box of cereal for Christmas, and this year, Sue received a box from her too!

Loo got a digital camera and a cool HUGE dog book.

super got some Barbies and Barbie clothes.

Our cool family gift, is a Wii. (though we haven't received it yet, we are still on a waiting list)


Shill and Company said...

That is hilarious! You guys look younger than most parents of teenagers at least. You have some very silly girls in your family!

Shill and Company said...

Just had another thought. Be careful when you receive your Wii. That is what Santa brought to our house. Today I was playing Wii sports and feeling great about my skills and the way my body was able to move...until...I played the boxing game. Pulled muscles in my arm, and in my neck. BEWARE!!!

We really are getting old. :0)