Monday, December 17, 2007

Well, here we go. Our first message on our family blog! I feel really cool now!

Turned 16 in August. She purchased her first new car last month. She loves getting inside and starting the car. (that's about all she can do right now since she doesn't have a license yet.) She has been very busy over the past several months, getting in any moment she can with the love of her life -Trent . Trent left on his mission 3 weeks ago Wednesday. He is headed for Rochester, NY.

Is 11 now. She loves to read. Gregor the Overlander is her favorite series of books, but she enjoys most anything she gets her hands on. She has also been doing piano and playing the snare drum at school. Now, she would like to get her own drum set. Good thing our house is a little small for that. She also loves tumbling and ice skating.

Will be 7 in January. She also shares Loo's love of reading. She loves the Clifford Big Red Reader series, as well as David Shannon books. she is very much like her dad. She LOVES movies. She can quote most anything after seeing it once. Right now, her favorites are Hairspray, Elf (she has an affinity for Elf culture), and Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them). She loves to do tumbling and ice skating too.

Around Halloween, we decided the carpet in our living room had to go. It was a whirl-wind remodel. In just three weeks, we patched walls, tore out the baseboards and carpet, repainted, and installed hard wood floors. It was a very rewarding project, but, it really took the steam out of us for the holidays.

Normally, sometime after Halloween, we find a beautiful sunny day, and put up Christmas lights on the outside of our home. We have added to our light display the past few years, so when it's done, our home looks beautiful! This year, we just couldn't muster up the energy to put them up. All we managed was the tree inside (thank goodness) and a strand of lights around our front door and down the banister, and on two of the bushes in the front. Talk about boring! Oh well, maybe next year.

Jason still loves golf, movies, and the Jazz.

Brandi is now old, but she still loves reading, scrap booking, and watching movies with the family.

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Shill and Company said...

Hooray! We are so glad to see that you have set up a family blog. We love to check on our computer for lot's of our friends and families updates. Welcome to the blog family!