Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2008

Saturday, we went shopping for a mirror and shelves to finish up our living room project. I think it turned out nice... Better than I had expected!

**Here is a paining hint if you ever get a wild hair: Find something you LOVE first, then match you paint with that. It is far easier to match some paint to a cool rug, bedding, shower curtain, etc, than it is to try to find something to match after you have already done your painting. **

Oh, and here is a crazy tidbit... Jason feels like we really need to paint the basement next. Oh boy! Here we go again!

So, sometimes, I will find myself telling people about my trials with my youngest child... And everyone says "Super?" People cannot possibly imagine shy, quiet, little Super Smash ever being anything but angelic! Well, the other day (I think it was New Year's Eve), she was NOT GOING to get into the shower! I threatened to put her in in her pj's, but she thought I was kidding. So, I had Loo and Sue help my put her in the shower fully dressed! What a turd!

This other pic is of Sue being very cooperative! I just wanted a picture of her in her uniform on her first day of work. By the way she is acting, you would think we made her get that job. NOT HARDLY!!! I was trying to talk her out of it!

One last thing, before I end this post... We were able to get together with our friends Kathy and Dave (they are the people who used to babysit Sue for me). It was so fun to catch up! I think it had been at least 5 years since we saw them last. Thanks for coming over guys!


imnaggie said...

Brandi, this is great. Thank you for including me!! I also have a blog. It is very new and very small. I think the site is childfamily4 take a look. It looks like all is well. Keep in touch.

Uncle Mike

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