Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 4, Gratitude

I'm Grateful for...
  • Late Church...guaranteed sleep-in, plus, I don't really get dressed until I'm ready to leave, and by the time I get home, it's too late in the day to get into a new outfit- so pj's it is! (1/20/13)
  • To-Do Lists...they keep me on top of stuff I need to get done! (1/21/13)
  • Dinner Disasters...that turn out delicious in spite of mistakes. :D (1/22/13)
  • Hot Food on a Cold Day...made Spinach Quinoa Mac & Cheese. Good but needs much more salt and some pepper and roasted garlic (1/23/13)
  • Snow boots and great neighbors...both are helpful in the snow and ice! (1/24/13)
  • Electric Blankets...need I say more? (1/25/13)
  • Hale Center Theatre  and season tickets...Such great shows! (1/26/13) 

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