Monday, April 5, 2010

Get me to the church on time!

So, the wedding plans are coming along quite well, I think.

Last week, we visited four different reception places (or places we could have a reception).

We went to Wheeler Farm- not going to do it there. It's a glorified cultural hall, and we could reserve the one at the church for free! Plus, at WF, they don't set up or take down. And, you'd have to rent all your linens (which means big bucks if you don't want the place to look like a barn!)

We went to This Is The Place- it didn't feel like Bridezilla* and Prince Charming**. I don't know what it is exactly. Other than the fact that it's very pioneer-y. Anyway, it was sort of like Cinderella's step sisters trying to fit the glass shoe on their foot. It just isn't going to work!

We went to Aspen Landing- Cute place. Nice people, but you have to use their catering, and we're on a tight budget. (which means, unless we have a naked bride and bridesmaids, no flowers, no cake, etc- it's not going to work)

The place we've decided on, is a secret. I don't want to say until we've officially booked AND I have Bridezilla's permission to tell the world. But it's quaint and beautiful! If I were getting married, that's where I'd do my thing!

I believe we've officially decided on a date! We even have the temple booked for that day already! This is HUGE people! We wanted the cream of the crop pick for times, and I think we've got it!! If you're interested in knowing the date, drop me an email (sorry, the paranoia is kicking in)

This morning, we went wedding dress shopping. Bridezilla thinks she may have found THE dress! I'm sure hoping so! Don't get me wrong, this dress shopping thing is fun! It's still surreal to see my baby wearing a wedding dress, BUT whenever I'm doing this kind of thing, it makes me a little sick to my stomach! We looked around for a bit after Bridezilla left, for a dress for Loo and Super. Now I know how my mom felt school shopping and Christmas shopping when I was growing up. Now I know why she reached for a cigarette after we left each store! Since I'm not a smoker, I dealt with the stress by delving into a big ol' slab of chocolate cake when we got home. And now, I totally have the jitters (too much sugar today). And, I don't think that slab 'o cake is very much of a help to my weight loss. I'm just sayin'.

*"Sue" will be referred to as Bridezilla- at least until the wedding. She's not being beastly, it's just a funny name for her.
**Sue's fiance will be referred to as Prince Charming because, well, he is her Prince Charming.
Now, for today's song: I feel this dire need to play a super sappy love song, BUT I think I'll refrain...for today. So how about Get Me to The Church on Time by good 'ol Deano! NOPE. Stupid Playlist! How about L.O.V.E (it says this is by Frank Sinatra, and I know I should know, but for some reason, it sounds more like Dean Martin than Frank. Sorry Hubbs if I got it wrong) and Memories are made of this by Dean Martin (this one, I'm sure of)



Evette Mendisabal said...

How wonderful that everything is falling into place for her and you and Jason. I'm sure it takes a whole lot of stress off when things go right ... not that a wedding is ever stress free, but no drama is a good thing. I'm excited for you guys.

Nene said...

Soooooooooooo exciting!!! Love the nicknames!

Kim said...

glad that everything is working out you you! Can't believe that you having a wedding! Crazy!!
ps I love your blog, very cute :)

Panamenos said...

Very exciting!

Love the nicknames. Glad things are coming together!!! Hooray!

Shannon said...

I remember the planning of my wedding... she's so lucky to have you to help with all the preparations. I can understand the sick feeling in the stomach... my kids are only 4 and 6 and it makes me sick to think that someday they will be all grown up and move on with lives of their own... right now they are an extension of me! BRIDEZILLA - mwahahaha... you are too funny!