Thursday, March 25, 2010


I feel like I need to clarify something I wrote in my last post. I said these words "Jason wants to do as many things as possible by ourselves, and that freaks me out too!"
I honestly meant to delete that. I deleted what followed the statement. I was starting to ramble on about all the things that Jason wants to do by ourselves like making the table decorations, doing the photography and editing photos, designing the invitation, making all the refreshments; basically anything that we can do ourselves so that we don't have to pay someone to do it for us. I deleted the ramblings because I wanted my post to be about the fact that my oldest was engaged. BUT, since I'm rambling now, I'll go into my why in the world would you guys want to do all those things when it's your own daughters wedding shpill... Two reasons: #1 We're 37 and planning a wedding. A wedding! Needless to say, that wasn't in our savings plan! #2 We are grade A do-it-yourselfers! Jason's a plumber, mechanic, the HVAC guy, the maintenance man, the vacuum repair guy, the drywaller, the painter.... (the list goes on and on) We finished the basement by ourselves, did our kitchen remodel by ourselves, any car repairs that he can do, he does. See what I mean? We're do-it-yourselfers! Really, he is the do it yourselfer. I'm the that looks great honey gal or the do you need me to get the drill girl.

Anyway, as for the planning part, I can't think of any real man, and by "real", I mean, not fictitious; who wants to plan someone else's wedding. We'll help the couple where they need help, offer suggestions and ideas when appropriate, and hand over the wallet, but the majority of the planning will come from the happy couple!
Love you Hun!
Songs: for no reason other than it feels like a Shins kind of day, I present, Sleeping Lessons and Red Rabbits. Two of my favorites from them.



Nene said...

Her wedding will be out of this world because you guys will make it perfect, whether you do it yourself or hire someone! She is so lucky to have you!

Shill and Company said...

I have no doubt that if you two put your heads together to plan a wedding reception, it will be absolutely beautiful! You guys are such great, "Do it yourself-ers." I am in awe of everything that you have done in your home. You make a great team!

Panamenos said...

It will be beautiful!

Alfredo and I were a little "older" when we married (I was 25 and he was 29) and neither of us lived near our parents and so we planned our wedding ourselves (with a little help from my mom) and did a lot of it ourselves. And when I say we, I truly mean we. He had a huge say in how the wedding went. He even did all of our bouquet, all the corsages, boutinnieres, cake topping, everything! So there are some guys out there that are interested in planning weddings. Good luck! It will be a busy, but exciting and wonderful experience.