Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super-Quick Follow Up

I just wanted to quickly follow up with a couple of the comments about my previous post. First, I'll say that you don't have to be a baker to take over something to your neighbor. I have brought candy bars that were obviously purchased from the store over to neighbors before. I even put them on a plate with plastic wrap over the top and told them it was my "home made" treat. Of course they laugh. It's dorky and silly. And, here's the selfish part...I RARELY bake, so when I do, we usually keep it to ourselves. I know. Mean. Usually, when I'm feeling really baker-ish, I'll pick up a roll of toll house cookie dough from the store, and throw some on a pan to bake.

Next, I have learned time and time again, that if I have an abundance of something, and keep it all to myself, it usually goes to waste or if it's not perishable, I end up giving to someone in a few months anyway.

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Shannon said...

OK! So... no more EXCUSES! :) A lesson learned for me!