Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've got the power!

I've come to an important conclusion today. Hold on to your seats 'cause this is gonna be big!

Are you ready?
OK. Here goes. If I could possess just ONE super power, I finally know what it would be! I would be like Ursula and have the ability to take away people's voices. Sound mean? I don't think so. Think of the possibilities... Someone won't shut up in a movie- I take their voice! Kids won't stop arguing? I take their voice! Someone won't listen to my side of the story, I take their voice! I'd be sure to give it back though, once I made the know...'cause I'm nice like that!

Anyway, I knew you had always wanted to know!
Which super power would you like?
Song today is The Power by Snap. Click here to see the video. It's pretty entertaining to see the clothes and dance styles. Reminds me of my yester-years.


Shannon said...

THAT's A FABULOUS super power! I've already shared mine a while back here on facebook... I want to be able to make people fly, maybe using pixie dust, but only when they come into my house and I have JUST vacuumed!

Nene said...

That would most def be an awesome super power! And only you would come up with something so unique! Rock on!

Shill and Company said...

I like the way that you think. That is a good one. What would my super power be...? Humm, that is a great question. After being on facebook today and reading so many peoples venomous words about our President, I kind of like the taking away peoples voices too.