Sunday, September 6, 2009

Please come. Please come. Please come!

I'm just dying waiting for my book to come in the mail! I read the Hunger Games a few months ago. It was so good! Definitely a page-turner! I read about it on Stephenie Meyer's website. Every once in a while she gives book recommendations, and when she does, I usually read them. Anyway, the biggest problem with Hunger Games is that, on the last page of the book, it says "END OF BOOK ONE". I had no idea that it was a series! Ugh! So, anyway, I just thought I would share some of my impatientness (yes, that IS a word...MY word) with you! I'm crossing my fingers that when I get the mail on Tuesday, it will be in there! Remember the Mervyn's commercials, with the annoying open, open, open people...that's me right now, only I'm saying please come, please come, please come. Stupid three day weekends!

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