Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where, Oh Where has My Blog- Time Gone?

I know...It's taken up by my little dog.

And, since he's the baby of the family, I feel it fitting to update you on puppy business. Sorry. It's taking up much of my life right now. Even as I type, little Rhino is sleeping on my lap. (Thank goodness he's asleep or I wouldn't be doing anything on the computer!)

So, I mentioned that Rhino's got his first set of shots a couple of weeks ago. One of the vaccines was for Kennel Cough. About a week after the shot, Rhino started acting weird. He was peeing more than usual almost like he was marking his territory. I thought he had a UTI. The next day, he started coughing and acting like he was going to throw up, but every time that happened, nothing came out. As night approached, it got worse and worse. Neither one of us got a wink of sleep. I took him to the doctor first thing the next morning, and he has kennel cough! Dang it! We got him on a cough suppressant and antibiotics and he's doing much much better now.

Here's some more things we've noticed about him:

He's just like a toddler! When 10 o'clock rolls around, he starts getting antsy. He can't hold still in your arms or out of your arms. He starts biting, etc. Last night, he did this, and I picked him up and put him in his kennel. He barked for about 15 minutes. I got sick of hearing him, and got him out to play for a few more minutes. The biting continued, so after he had been out for about 10 more minutes, I put him back in the kennel. Not another peep until morning. Does that sound exactly like a 2 year old?

We could have named him Hoover or Dyson. The dog is a vacuum! He's always got his nose to the ground sniffing for stuff to eat. Most of the time, it's not food that he eats either. In fact, last week, he got a hold of a pony tail holder and swallowed it. After about 3 days, he finally threw it up.
**edited to add: He HATES going outside when the grass is wet! Not that I can really blame him. He's so short that the grass touches his belly and man parts. He's not a fan of that. In fact, every time I have him outside in those conditions, he does this weird, really fast, bark. Like a shiver-bark. It's been raining so much lately, that I've had to keep a towel close by so that I can dry the poor pooch off when we get inside.
In Rhino's past life, he was one of the following:
a pansy
a parrot
a vacuum
a bloodhound
a rhinoceros
or Dori


Mike and Dee said...

Oh, how fun! Puppies are like babies, but at least they are a little more independent! Our puppy is now 8 and probably not going to live much longer, and my kids want a new puppy. I say no way! Good for you for taking on the challenge. And, yes, Mike and Natalie are siblings. It's nice having family right in our backyard (a gate is between our yards).

Lauren Letters said...

Yep! Sounds just like Sophie! I feel your pain, or at least, I did!!! ;)

julie king said...

such cute puppy tales (other than the kennel cough, so sad!); it makes me almost want to get a new puppy! our 16 year old min schnauzer has very little energy these days. maybe a little guy like rhino would cheer him up.

Nene said...

RHINO! We want to see you again!!!

Webster's said...

I would trade you "toddlers" in a heartbeat right now! :)

Hey Harriet said...

Dogs are so funny with their quirky little personalities. How awful for poor Rhino having kennel cough! Hope he feels better soon. He sounds like a bundle of energy :)

Shannon said...

LOVE him! And we haven't even met!

McCulley's said...

Puppies are so much fun and so much of a pain. Sounds like you are enjoying it. I have so missed reading your blogs. I miss you to we should do lunch one day.

Shill and Company said...

I can't believe you weren't scared off by my puppy stories. I hope that he get's feeling better from everything soon. Poor little guy. He sure is adorable.

Also, I have to tell you how impressed I am with your blog. It looks so artsy and original. Very nice my friend, very nice!