Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Last week, this was my little girl- loading the bus to go to girls camp. She was so nervous about going. In her hurry to pack, I noticed that she had forgotten her pillow, some extra shoes, and a few other odds and ends, so after Jason got off work, we drove up there to give them to her. We got there right before 9pm, when they were getting ready to shut the gate for the night. I went in to the main office with her stuff, and the staff asked me who it was for, but when I told them her name, they knew immediately who I was talking about. They explained to me that she had already been to the office complaining of anxiety and a sick stomach, but reassured me that they thought she had calmed down and wouldn't need to go home.

She met lots of new friends.... she tried her hand at archery.... and made a bulls-eye! (as you can tell, she was humbled when she made it) :)She brushed her teeth with ash. . . and got in a big-ash fight with the stuff!

she tried the zip line. Here she is strapped in and ready to go.


(the video kind-of reminds me of that movie called the Blair Witch Project- remember that one?)

Anyway, she had a great time, despite the home-sickness. We're so proud that she stayed the full five days. I guess the people didn't give her the stuff until about day 3. They told her when they gave it to her that the women's support group brought it up to her. It was probably wise though, if she had known we were there, she would have wanted to come home right then and there.

Song for today: Big Rock Candy Mountain by Burl Ives.


Shannon said...

GOOD for her! Looks like she had an amazing time, after all! New situations can be scary!

Nene said...

Go Loo! Way to stick it out! I remember trying to make myself throw up on the way to Mill Hollow so I would get to go home. I ended up having a blast! Looks like FUN! Archery and zip lines. Sign me up!

Panamenos said...

Glad she stayed and had fun! :)

McCulley's said...

Girls camp is so fun and she def looks like she meshed in well.

julie king said...

what fun photos! i remember being miserably homesick at camp. i'm glad she hung int here.

btw, she's a cutie!

Shill and Company said...

Way to go Loo! It's hard to leave home to go spend time with a lot of strangers. I did the same thing when I was your age. I have very fond memories of my time at Brighton Girls Camp. You are such a sociable gal, I'm sure that you made friends very easily. I loved all of the pictures, and the zip line was a real treat!