Friday, June 12, 2009

I've been workin' on...

The next posts all the live long day! I have had this on my to-do list for almost 2 weeks now. I think that the reason I waited is because I knew it would take forever! I'll post pics soon, but I have nummy-bummy and I must get out of my pj's and into the shower. It's almost 4 o'clock!!!!!
Be sure to check out "Can You Feel It"
Rock Around the Clock
Who Put the Bomp

Sue has been gone on "Tour" since Saturday. They've been to
Vegas: to see Lion King
Anaheim to go to Knot's Berry Farm,
Disneyland/ California Adventure,
and Huntington Beach,
Today they'll be in Disneyland till midnight, then they leave first thing Saturday morning to go to St. George where they will see Footloose at Tuacahn. Then Sunday she'll be back home. I'll have moocho pictures to add then too!
Until next time....


Lauren Letters said...

Can't wait to read it all!

Shannon said...

btw... I do love your new header! So cute!